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Soul Science and the future of school education


As I write this piece, my heart is filled with gratitude for the young students that I have taught and advised over the last seventeen years. I have learnt so much from teaching them - in fact, I have learnt so much just observing them. However, I have often asked myself the question "what are we delivering to the children that represent our tomorrow?" he world today is much more educated than it ever was. We have so many more people going to school and learning. But has that made the world a better place. Are we at the cusp of something special that will bring the planet together and live in a space of love and harmony? OR Are we on the verge of disaster?

I have often asked my young audiences in different countries about the direction the world is headed in. And sadly, most of them have had an affirmative answer to the latter question. How can we progress as a species on this planet and yet live in harmony with its other occupants. When will we learn to respect the fact that we do not own the space (our planet) but are visitors to this space?

Like many other friends, I found my answers through the workshops and unconditional love of two masters - Dr. Newton Kondaveti and Dr. Lakshmi. The idea of delivering "soul based education" in the form of a subject called "Soul Science" originated during our interactions a few months back and I have to say that the "universe is aligning" to this mission. The concept seems to resonate beautifully with friends all over the planet - from Seattle to Bangalore and from Shanghai to Geneva.

So what are we talking about here? The only way to alter the direction in which the world is headed is "to support our children". Not by giving them fancy gadgets, junk food and killing (video) games - but by giving them nourishment through "soul food". Soul Science is the mother of all sciences that will help young children grow up into HOLISTIC, CONNECTED, and EQUANIMOUS beings.

HOLISTIC - so they understand that there is more to us than just the body. So they appreciate that they need not be drawn into an endless spiral of "quests", which have lead the world to the sorry state of today.

CONNECTED - so they understand that we are all one, each action of each one of us has a profound impact on the world.

EQUANIMOUS - so they can deal with different emotions / challenges without damaging their sense of belonging and oneness. So they can define balance that is so hard to find in a world of winners and losers.

If we can focus our attention on children learning about the connect between Mind, Body and Soul - if we can focus on children understanding family systems, the interconnectedness of the world, the impact of food on our body - if they can understand the fundamental laws of nature, if they can learn from the birds, plants and rocks on this planet - if they can learn about unconditional love from a rose flower that gives the exact same fragrance to everyone - if they can sit in silence for a few minutes and heal themselves without medicines - this world would be a beautiful place.

Soul Science in schools will do all this and more. We have taught enough about livelihood, we now need to teach children about Life and "How to live?" Our goal is to have soul science taught as a subject for students from class one to class twelve. Eventually, there will be a separate syllabus for each class and the program will be taught in different schools around the world by volunteers / teachers who are on the spiritual path. Every hour that you can contribute towards this work will help make our planet a more habitable space. Please write to us at info@soulsciencefoundation.org to learn more.

- Ganesh Kohli


Ganesh Kohli


Sunday, January 04, 2015