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      Founder's Message
Welcome to Soul Science Foundation

All children have natural divinity in them and they are born with inherent wisdom. By recognizing and acknowledging this universal truth, we can allow children to develop their innate qualities and achieve their full potential. There are two places where children may start losing contact with their wisdom and divinity. The first is at home. The type of upbringing at home is responsible for the initial conditioning that children go through due to influences such as family circumstances, culture, religion, ethnicity, nationality etc. The second place is at school where children are exposed to a wider range of influences such as the norms, beliefs and attitudes prevalent in society. This leads to further conditioning of children.

Most of us are not fully aware of the trauma that a child goes through in the present schooling system.Because too much emphasis is laid at school on developing the intellectual capacities and cognitive mind, and hardly any attention is given to developing the higher faculty like intuition, children begin to feel disconnected from the brilliance and magnificence of their inner divinity and wisdom. The school trauma that a child goes through is very deep and has a lasting negative impact on the behavior and personality of the child.

True education is the education of the soul, where a child learns to develop a systemic and holistic view of life, and learns to live with wisdom, compassion, peace and joy.

The present education system can evolve to embrace the holistic approach where, apart from routine subjects, a child learns about 'soul science' at school. This is the urgent task in front of all of us.

I wish to convey my deep appreciation to all the soul science volunteers who are working for this cause to include 'soul science' as part of the school curriculum.

Let us all co-create this reality.
May all schools embrace this new approach.
May the student community be benefitted by our collective efforts.

Love and Light,
Dr. Newton Kondaveti, M.D.

Soul Science Foundation Founders:

Dr. Newton, MD, & Dr. Lakshmi, MBBS