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Ganesh Kohli

Ganesh Kohli, a teacher and educational consultant, has worked with students and institutions in sixteen countries. He is a student of Dr. Newton Kondaveti and Dr. Lakshmi, with whom he has learnt about spirituality, meditation, inner child work and past live regression. Ganesh has decided to devote his life to bringing Soul Science to children and transform lives on our planet.

Dr. Preeti Kohli

Dr. Preeti Kohli is a Homoeopathic physician and a therapist. She has been practicing medicine and alternative therapies for the last fourteen years. Preeti teaches and conducts sessions in meditation, past life regression and inner child work. Preeti loves to work with children and is playing a pivotal role in helping develop the content for the lessons in Soul Science. She has trained under Dr. Newton Kondaveti and Dr. Lakshmi.

Dipika Kapadia

Dipika Kapadia is a technology executive with 14 years of experience in Fortune 50 technology companies. She is passionate in her study of practical spirituality. She practices healing work in her free time and has worked with several individuals one-on-one and in workshops to help them overcomes their traumas and fears.In her own words, "It brings me a lot of joy to participate in the movement to bring Soul Science to schools.As a student of Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi, I have experienced a deep personal transformation from the wisdom of Soul Science.I know without a doubt that immersing children in Soul Science from an early age can change their lives and change the world." Dipika is based in Seattle, USA, and helps create awareness and enthusiasm for Soul Science through communication that is relevant to educators and families.

Veda Mohan

With over 33 years of teaching experience, Veda Mohan aptly calls herself a teacher for life. With a masters in Human Development she has dabbled in many things - school and college education, theatre, counselling, corporate work, research and therapy. A sought after corporate trainer and coach, she is known to never give up in her student's journey towards discovering and loving themselves. Her belief that 'each person has huge potential and needs a small trigger to flower' and her faith in the secrets of meditation and therapy have enabled her to continue learning and take risks. Veda is quoted as being 'an outstanding trainer, coach and educator, with exceptional personal qualities and people skills. She has the perfect mix of pedagogical expertise and a deep understanding of how children and adults learn and behave. She is of the finest minds in school education in India.'

Jayashree Ashok

Jayashree Ashok is the principal and co-founder of Creative School and Pragya Living Wisdom Centre in Bangalore, India, under the guidance of Dr. Newton. She is a healer and teacher at heart, working with adults, children, and families in schools. It gives her the greatest joy to facilitate people towards inner transformation leading them towards following the path of the heart and teaching by example. She has led numerous workshops and facilitated many individualized healing sessions for adults and children. She has more than a decade of experience in the area of healing using Past Life Regression, Inner-Child Healing, Rebirthing Breathwork, Energy Healing methods, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and many other modalities. She has trained extensively under Dr Newton Kondaveti in many of the above areas.